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3 Questions to ask before hiring your newborn photographer

Expecting a kid is among the most enjoyable times in your lifetime! Without a doubt, you’ve got a million concerns rotating around in your face – the very last thing you need to try and figure out is who to employ to consider those first pictures of your child. The newborn stage is so short lived and enchanting – Your child should never be this tiny, this sleepy, this curly or this perfect again so being confident that you hire the best person to capture it is essential

Below are a few questions that you desire to request your possible newborn photographer, in hopes of figuring out someone that is right for you!

  1. Have you ever taken any workshops or had any training in posing newborns?

With the accessibility to low-cost digital cameras and the excess of websites dedicated to photography, it’s difficult to understand the distinction between a professional photographer and an enthusiast. Many photographers are self-taught, but those experienced in newborn portraiture have taken the time to learn newborn posing and how to securely manage these tiny subjects. Newborn portraiture is a specific field. If a person is just getting started or hasn’t taken any sort of training with regard to newborns, be cautious.

Consider the portfolio of the photographer you are thinking about. Have they got a diverse portfolio of babies and poses? Do the babies look comfy? Are you able to see their faces? Are the photographs in focus and well lit? Are the hands or feet purple?

  1. When would you choose to plan newborn sessions?

Most professional newborn photographers in Dubai realize that babies are most ‘womb-like’ in the first 2 weeks of life. That means that the ideal time for a newborn session is usually when a baby is 5-14 days old.

  1. How long are you currently dealing with newborns?

Lots of people who have kids feel like they might be well suitable for work together with newborns since they have experienced babies of their own. But newborn photographers will explain that every newborn is different. A few like being returned, some like being rocked, some will take a pacifier, some want to be on their tummy, some like to be swaddled – and a few will fuss regardless of what you try! Getting the experience of dealing with many, many newborns gives professional newborn photographers the knowledge and experience to soothe colicky babies, to be aware what positions are perfect for babies with reflux, to understand how to pose multiples, and everything in-between. Good newborn photographers are patient, kind, and gentle with your baby.